I don’t do Askars in the weekend (cyber skars) Real Skars any god damn time of the day, week or hour AKA Alexander Skarsgård in Men Journal

So Here I am on a Saturday talking about the lust of my life right now. Ugh! That sound is because he is in a new mag Men’s Journal and looking fine as shit and sounding tortured – conflicted as hell. If there is one thing that can bring me out that’s his bod, his face (things that he hates that people love but just deal with it, you’re handsome that’s not all that makes you thick but it is the first thing that we see) and his torture soul (I know I said one thing, stop judging me I am in an emotional state right now, plus I can never choose just one thing I like about him even when it’s his self torture soul that makes him appealing to me, it makes me want  to cuddle/spoon him)

So this mag right ! Is so telling he’s  all conflicting, torture and ranting about well being handsome and how he ‘s fucking not about  his outer self ,  he even touches on love and how that’s a illusion OMG say what now! Funny  I just had youtube posting about his pretty man swag and how he is pretty handsome and addictive but that’s not all there is to him that makes me at least love him (yes I used the L words, I have stated that, I regret nothing, deal with it. I dos love him and his self tortured getting bitter no hope for his soul self) While his face is beautiful (sorry Alexander,  it is, deal, it’s the first part of viewing you.) I hate it when people get all OMG I hate my arms, my legs, my face bla bla. I hate it when people only see me as… Really! This is never a good sign to anything postive NEVER!! Love who you are if you don’t you can expect anyone esle to appreciate your true beauty. (which is always on the inside, ALWAYS!!  you can always change your outer self but your insides is pretty the core of who are are or can be)

I love this beautiful torture bitch, I wish him clarity I do, he seems to yearn it so much. But you know what they say about clarity and seeking. It’s like looking for your car keys while you’re running around looking for them they’re staring you right in the face. IN the face waiting for you to pick them up. (most of the time the answer we seek or right infront of us we’re just not focus on it right then hence the seeking)

You are Handsome, deal with that face fact, you have something I can not yet place or name it’s like…

as much as my vaga want to be more than regular cast memebr on your GP show and I lust your bod , my hands want to be all over your body and my lips all over your face. I see more to you than that, face value I must again your torture conflicted lost soul is what intrigues me the most about you and keeps me watching as to why, why are you so tortured and conflicted  Your self conflict and torture of you just keep knocking yourself back from real progress but I will touch on that in a sec.Right now All I got to say is


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