I be vote hoeing out my fingers online for Alexander Skarsgård AKA SCREAM Awards 2011

So it’s that time of year again when I vote like a pro hoe reglious stan online for Alexander Skarsgård  for the scream awards 2011. I will do it again because as I said before this bitch must receive all and every award out there for this season of Eric Northman TB he was that good and better. So don’t let me get all Uncle Sam on your ass and say VOTE!! For Alexander Skarsgård or P Diddy or be like Vote or die Bitch, okay it not that serious but it kinda sorta is.

But  he should be  and who knows maybe he will be so excited and end up doing this on stage that would be fucking gold. I am so putting that out there tho.

So go and vote like now and then refresh erase cookies and vote again. How in the hell though is this not made it into the holy shit awards this should so be in there like hello please.

Sream/ Spike TV  needs to correct that like ASAP!! STAT!



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