Alexander Skarsgård is a dead man walking ..>> crazy man true rant is pretty much how I see him Aka Men Journal

I really like this interview you read a raw Alexander speaking. The mouth is a beautiful thing it is not only made for kissing,  it’s made to voice alot and apparently my hearts desire has alot on his handsome head/heart to voice out that he keeps torturing himself with. (I will address my Dr. Phil bullshit in a sec) But first let’s start at the beginning of the interview, you can never get to the end until you address your beginning.  You can never get  ahead until you know where you are coming from. Like there are clouds in the sky this is always true in life.

 This intrigues  me, not only the happening but the choice of words and the context in the sentence. He said do you believe that your days on earth will come to an end? He wasn’t stating something he was asking if Alexander knows or assumes. I know crazy long hair dread dude probably scared the Skars out of his breakfast but I still find it intriguing that he only addressed him. Alexander is a hesitater,  he is unsure, insecure the list goes on. Okay I hear screams but isn’t everyone tho. I am a firm believer in knowing who you and stand your own ground. Alexander clearly is unsure in his own skin. He doesn’t believe in his own magic. (note I said believe not cocky or arrogant about your magic) Anyroo back to crazy rant dread man, I find it again intriguing that he goes up to Askars okay he is on a show on TV but yeah and I also find it intriguing that no one intervened. (maybe that was the point, Alexander needed to be asked tis, I wonder if he reflect back on the question after the fear of crazy man rant passed away)

He ask again, Alex guesses, crazy rant dread says something I live by you don’t guess you know. You know. We’re all harm with senses,  gut feelings, name it what you will, second guessing oneself does no one any good. Then he conceded which I think is natural way of him getting out of a any tough I don’t want to confront anymore this situation,  sadly.

Then the man replies to something I also live by Then you’re a dead man walking. He really is not the only one, there are alot of dead men/women  walking around. Alot of people that wake up,  just dealing,  don’t live to enjoy, appreciate, interact look around, just going by the hour and motions, starting  with the same shit over again the next day. Then he walks aways smiling, okay, crazy rant dread made his point I guess. But my point is this, from just what I read or see or feel about him. He pretty much just goes through the motion of his life. I don’t believe he lives his life truly. He has alot of woulda, coulda, shoulda messing with his progress and it all comes from him. (self destructive motherfucker) He keeps reliving his past failure in LOVE mostly, it now seems are always been, now that quote of Love is an Illusion pretty much clear up my Oh that’s what your problem is about yourself.

He sing and repeats the girl in interview mostly her, the other ones no so much, probably he dwells on his past when he is alone as well, you know the one that he went home for, but it end up failing and not going the way he wanted or thought.  If we all could be rom com writer we all would have Happily ever after. This does not exist. Love doesn’t mean everything turns out prefect it mean You have a prefect chance to experience sometime really close to that, true prefect love what some tribes, cultures call a true deeper spiritual connection.  But to me it like he’s basically just sayin’ with out saying it that I will never do/try that again even if there is someone that he wants to do it for, you know,  make that leap of faith.  His fear of failing that hard in love  again he can’t deal. I am guessing. Sadly dude that will stop you from maybe experiencing a magic you may never knew was there or was possible. If we all stop loving because of past heartaches. The world would be a really sad dark play.

I have no idea what pain you have gone through or what the fuck you working at or dealing with. But I feel very sad for you. But I must decline to that statement of yours even if it was under your breathe. It’s still in your train of thought and imprinted in your soul.  If Love is an illusion that means Hate is not real and I see that acknowledgment of HATE that it is real, when I read the news or watch TV or watch ignorant programs  or see/ hear ignorant people speak and hear them say so easily that I HATE you – it or something faster than they are to say I LOVE YOU MAN, GIRL, MOM DAD or friend!!  That makes me sad. So HATE IS REAL,  IF THAT IS REAL LOVE IS FUCK SURE  ACHIEVABLE/ THERE. You are getting bitter dude and you need to sort that shit out. It will only lead you to a cold dark lonely place. I know that is NOT really WHAT you want. EVERYONE wants to be loved and told that they are LOVED and anyone that says that’s is  BS is and is so lying out their ass crack. 

So here is where I see you failing or for any relationship for that matter, If you go into any relationship with that in the back burner of your mind, you’re already entering a fail relationship. Dead man walking, no love to be giving. I give everything into everything, When I love I am IN LOVE. I love the shit out of it, I give all my positive energy into it. When it fails, I know I gave that person all of me. Of course naturally our self preservation is to blame or be bitter to try and survive to recover but that doesn’t help you grow. Because you are pretty much dooming the next love of your life if you already going in hearts a protesting that LOVE is an ILLUSION. 1+1 =2  that makes a good team couple NOT 1+ 1/2  that doesn’t = 2 that 1 1/2 that is NOT a good team relationship if only 1 of us is giving it a real try it is not going anywhere. If you believe it wouldn’t last IT WILL NOT. IF you build up high walls Noone will get to see the true you.

So in the end my point, there is, was one and So what you ended up with a crazy ass bitch GF/BF, you loved her/him enough you gave it a good chance,  when it fails you can give it a clean cut and let go and let new love/ happiness back into your life. I hope you put a honest shot in future relationships and stop giving a 1/4 of yourself take more chances go with your gut feeling be a romantic fool you would be a happier person because of it. (BUT of course be smart about it cause 2 unhealthy hearted people can’t make an love connection) Where would the world be without passion?  The word LOVE would NOT exist. Never put love and illusion is the same sentence. You may be delusional about LOVE but an Illusion it is NOT.  Here he is talking about darkness again, I need to get you a soul flashlight my wish for you is brighter clarity, creep out of that dark self  imposed hole of yours Boo boo. I wish you nothing but clarity in all forms and corners of your life. I concur smiling like shit is all good and correct when it ain’t that some scary shit. Why are you considered with others tho, sort out your out emotions, and stop looking at the fake shiny happy people. But I smile with what I am happy with in my life and what I am not pleased is a work/smile  in construction/progress.

 Be open to really falling maybe it wouldn’t  be so hard then maybe your falls wouldn’t rip at your heart so much. Just get up and brush yourself off and be open for newer better things, love.

 Your self deprecating sense of humor I find very funny but sometimes what ever makes you sleep better at night I guess. 8 seconds LMFAO don’t be a quick shooter hon, aww well we will just go at it again and again and again until you can go way longer. (there are books about and for that) LOL!!

You said pussy LMFAO!! I love your dirty, filthy, profanity mouth. Marry me and let me have your babies, you twisted, self tortured, conflicted hot motherfucker.

 There is much more to you, for the love of god stop torturing yourself and KNOW that there are much more to YOU and people will have deal/embrace that fact

In short this was my Dr. Phil BS on this article I regret nothing. I see more to you than your pecs and your exterior beauty but  I do love your face, yes, I want to be on/over your body but I am so in love with your tortured conflicted  soul so …..

PSS..I love that he is aware of his career and his path and he navigating in a right direction. Making deals, pitching ideas not being typed casted/ pigeon holed wants to be in the game for a long time not just as a P player but an Elite Players. Good for you your head screwed on for that one, it seems. Now give your heart the love it needs and make that same adjustment in your love life and see where that takes you.



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