Alexander Skarsgård empty trailer. UGH!! My life.

So here is a vid

I am just seeing thisssssss(yes, be disappointed. Sometimes I suck at fan gurling) But here he is talking to his PA girl. I don’t even know her name tho. And he was early and totally fucking hot and sweet and then he goes into his trailer Alone!! I am like WTF!!! I would so make it/find a way into his trailer that day that’s for sho’ How you ask..well

SAY: I need to get in there.

Alex: Why?! (confused)

SAY: MY camera is in there.

Alex: How?! (so confused)

SAY: Well (to self) I threw it in there, when you weren’t looking. I am sneaky like that, so I can tell you I need to  get inside with you helping me, so I have some alone time with you and your couch. yeah. that. no biggie.

Alex: Uhmmm, (cautious)

Say (to self) I would be too Alex.

Alex: (looks down) Is that your hand in my back pocket?

Say: That depends do you like it back in there?

Alex: Looks over at empty trailer, Let’s go find that camera.

But would worm my way not only into his pants but his trailer 2. UGH! Real life sucks so hard.

He looks really buzzed, They look fucking happy. UGH!! I would so be grinning like  damn cat in cream too. I should practice on my I am so fucking drunk that’s I licked you on the sidewalk like a lollipop excuse. But it’s only 9:00 Am in the morning. I know I have serious issue with the Alcohol. But the blonde girl tho. Jesus if you slap her with a sack of potato she would still be grinning. 

Another vid I adore.

And oh I have a sneaky feeling that the next time we meet I be like Alexander 


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