This post is brought to you by I still can’t even, followed by Faceplaming Sookie Stackhouse cries like All the time Again. AKA EP 11 OH Lawd..

So last night EP 11 I haven’t face palm so much since well last season to be honest. You see TB is like a bad boyfriend, you know it wouldn’t work out but there is love for them. So you give it another chance and hope for the best. (TB) I mean it always starts off well, it’s like everyone (writers) are excited to be back,  then some where between joy and excitement it starts lacking. (Altho some of the character plots were tolerable and watchable this season) But I still only watch TB for Eric Northman but now they are fucking with my devotion. (Looking at your S Stackhouse) All I got now is UGH!! Why?! Just all kinds of bad juju.

I’m not going to sum up Ep 1-11 right now what’s the point but the point is this, I said it like week, I need AB and his writers to get a serious hard on for Sups cause this fuckery is beyond embarrassing. The Supernatural series has a serious hard on plus a strap on for their Sups. That show is fucking amazing and the Guys are hot and they bring it but the writers read, know and special effect what they are selling. They bring it every ep.  AB and his writers NOT. so much. I am not going to hate on Ball he is a great writer and director Buttttttt.. Yeah here is a But he a great writer for Drama, (Please he is great at that, but for tis genre, supernaturals and bla bla… not so much, it’s time like these,  well, you let go and let god or just hire someone that is juicing for more, that will give it that epic amazingness that TB could be)

Let’s start with the easy stuff.. I love Andy this season. Love him, him going nature retarded  omg LMFAO!!Then there was Sam and Alcide okay, okay if you are going to kill someone do it man, don’t be talking about it. (see Eric Northman)  Alcide offing the Marcus okay I get it, dude was sour that he he was humping his bitch. But I don’t curr about Alcide to write any further so..>>> and Sam being a shifter disappoints me to no end so there is no love going in there either. because his character could be awesome BTW, shifters are amazing, so much potential.

Now the show down.
OMG!! Disappointed (Yeah I went there and I am still going too) So, fucking Sookie.. I am now saying Fucking Alan BAll now. Marine said it best. Vampire outside with a gun and She is LOL idiots. I am laughing my freaking ASS OFF from the stupoo. I am sorry fiction or not this is BS. So let’s regroup and recalculate. We have a 1000 year old Vam who I am sure has been around for witch craft of/ in some, kind, form or shape and he must know a thing or two about spells, casting protecting or getting intel. He must know or have a witch on his side, Like beanie babies you collect allies on all realm and sides (see Alcide day time sup go to guy) just saying. So Eric going on gunz a blazing without some form of back up plan. I did not care for it.  Beehl’s a queen I expect that.  Jess too she is young and probably just wants to kill shit. I get it.  Pam’s just pissed and she follows he maker so there is that. But Eric is just following stupidly being the oldest and most worldly of the 4. I don’t get or buy nor do I care to digest it. No way hosay.

Then there was the Let the girl go crap. (really!)Okay I am not a cold fish I get it when you are in love you are stupid, a fool  a damn retard  but sucide come on basic instant.  Self protects us from stupid,  unless you are depress bla bla. But back to wtf just willing die,  while fucking  Sookie stands there and Cry yet again, just be crying all the GOD DAMN TIME!!  It’s so annoying. (this is my problem everybody is just willing to die without a fight or thought just give in, HUH?! Sorry they all have powers or strengths that surpasses Marnie’s crazy) No one willing kills themselves in a battle, they at least try and find a way out first, access the situation. I can’t buy it. You call out crazy (looking at you Beehl) you must have a dose of Bitch don’t even to back it up. (in this case, nothing) Pam blowing shit up Agreement. FUCK YEAH PAM!! Blow some sense into everyone.  Live to fight another day, come up with something brilliant (which didn’t happen here but okay, whatevah so over the BS.)

So this happened

 Haha! Queen then

 Oh lawd… more like  Eric Northman..Ugh!!  then the Queen said something brilliant..

 I concurr and  then all she does stand there and cry Again!!!

Then Sookie going to meet the true death or fire (I was excited I am not going to lie, she annoys me and her stupoo messes with my wifi, (I don’t only blame her really,  50 her 50 writers,  but I cheered just a little, okay alot) Why?! Come on this has chick Powers, abilities but they keep playing her stupid and all she does is cry, when someone trying to kill you, you don’t stand there and cry. BUT She doesIS SHE 2?! So let me get it Straight Alan Ball, Sookie to save Beehl will get fairy sparks out of her hands to stop it. In a circle (I don’t do chanting circles, nothing good ever comes of it see any Wiccan movie) when Vam are being drawn to their true death (I feel this way about TB now, Alex is the spell that keeps drawing me to this show, UGH! Frustration. But back to rolling my eyes at Sookie stupoo) She does all to muster strength for that but to save her self he just stand there and fucking CRY Again!!>
Bitch please, she is not binded or bonded but still…she does nothing. I can’t digest it. I would then and there muster so much fairy WTF!! don’t mess with me bitch power Marnie would not only meet the true death but the true after life 2 but be on a long ass vacation. Why do they make Sookie so unnecessary weak and stupid?! (this annoys me to no end. no end)after 4 season Sookie can’t muster strength for herself even now that  she knows she has powers even if the fairy hand book was in german/latin I would translate that shit and make it right. (the only one that had the common sense and magic even when he is not too sure about it himself was Jesus. Jesus please, this is what I mean. even in uncertain basis instinct is to save ones self. UGH!!

In the end there was Eric Northman ripping the heart out of the Wicca sheeple.
Yayyy! It was gross but fucking cool tho. Now that’s some BAMFer viking shit.

 Eww Gross!! That’s what came out of my mouth but fucking awesome followed shortly after her face tho, Yeah that how BAMFER do it action.

Your next bitch…face
 the best part of the show if you ask me, >>> Alex/Eric even tho that was some gore shit..
and the only reason why I am still watching TB hello please… In saying that my reaction to next week … That some cold shit but yeah, i am sticking with that tho… that’s all I have to say about that.


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