See didn’t I say a couple of post before that’s why I love Papa Stellan. Awkward moments are made of these and LMFAO follows quickly afterward. AKA Papa Stellan the source..

Papa Skars is One Busy Man

Stellan Skarsgård tells me he’s been asked to be on the show True Blood, but, well, he’s too busy.

“I don’t have the time,” he told me while promoting the upcoming DVD release of his latest flick, Thor.

Good to know it’s not because he doesn’t appreciate his son’s work. “I think it’s very well done and he’s great in it,” Stellan said.

In fact, he wants you to know that he takes no credit for Alex’s massive success. “I don’t give him any advice at all, because for my kids, from the age of 16 their lives are their responsibility,” he said. “If he had the feeling that it was thanks to me that he had any of his success, it would just be half a success. He owes everything to himself.”

Well said, Mr. Skarsgård.

“Lars called me and said, ‘Stellan, my next film will be a porno film, and I want you to play the lead in it,’” he said, laughing. “But then he said, ‘You will not get to fuck.’”  facepalming is def the order of the day when around these two. I am 1000% sure of that.

Sounds like he may want to reconsider True Blood after all.

In Short I need to be around these men some point in my life. Golden moments are made of these.



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