(Who wish they were an apple?!) Alexander Skarsgård and the apple

So this happened and it make me LOL!

Once upon a time there was a swedish man called Alexander Skarsgård (fucking hot guy) residing in NYC while filming a movie about a little girl that most females def envy more than Princess Diana  left behind wardrobe collection by nearly almost every women I know right now. It’s all the affection she is getting right now(jelly beans)  but that another fairy tale.

So anyways after spooning down his lunch, he decides to bite into an apple while some nosey I need to get my money cause these fan girl demands their daily fix pics papz. But here was  Alexander’s reaction.

WTF! Can’t I eat a fucking apple without it being documented?!  (NO! you can’t  Alex, we must know your every move &  what you do, when you are awake and what your eating, lol)

Whateveah , I’m just going to sit here and chew 20 times and pretend you are NOT there.

This apple is not as great as I thought it would be(it could be the coffee/apple combie, just sayin’ mouth confusion)

Really MFER we’re still clicking away, one was not enough? 3, 4, 200 pics

Yeah! I hope that made your life, it was just a freaking apple, dude

The funny thing is Alexander didn’t know that he/ this apple eating did infact made someones life. (not me, kinda, sorta, maybe did) It was times like these that made fan girlz wish they had a fairy god mother that could have transformed them into green firm apple and into the hands of Alexander Skarsgård so he could eat them. Yes! eating being the word of play here and unlike Cinderella’s Pumpkin carriage they did not want to be transformed back or maybe some did if he would love/eat them like that apple.

So! In the end The apple was glad to have been eaten by Alexander Skarsgård and fans gurls could drool and Alexander Skarsgård got his daily vitamin intake. So everyone is happy?! I think not, The apple most def was and Alexander was just hungry and needed a fruit. The cries and moans of fan gurls are still loud clear and  now eating a green apple will never be look upon as the same again.,

THE END or is it the beginning or maybe it’s a Sequel


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