So it’s September & I just realized that I’m not having the Sexy time over, over & over again with Alexander Skarsgård. There are no words to express the Sadness, disappoint in me right now. Aka Alexander Skarsgard GQ vid. MY entire being.

So here is the soft porn ( to me it is, please, him taking in oxygen is orgasmic to me) GQ photoshoot vid.

If you didn’t know I lust tis bitch more than… well, just about anything right now, my curr in real life day to day is getting short list to me finding what’s he doing, he is taking up my time in cyber/hard disk space. Everywhere I go there are references to his existence. You have no idea how many Alexander in the span of a couple of months I chat, been associated with, bla bla, (the universe keeps mindfucking me, boy) He owns me in cyber space tho. Anyroo so he is speaking German(sexy as hell) my life. (Berry must have died and my funeral was shortly after)  Now listen here  german is NOT a sexy language. Me and Berry has discuss this. It does nothing for me. Nothing!! But him saying I called Alexander Skarsgård, for GQ Style autumn 2011, (that’s pretty much the break down, yes I understand german and I speak it a bit too) just hit my G spot. ( I mean come on, the tank top, the face the smirk smiles, his lips) My entire being.

After watching tis for like what seems to be 1 million time, I came to the realizaton that it is September and I am not having the sexy time with Alexander Skarsgård WTF< WTF<WTF!!!In positions that makes cirque du soleil performers envious and then ask  for training. My life this blog and tumblr was dedicated to me wanting to have the sex with Alexander before the year is out, but it’s September which means that xmas is a sneeze away and that means I have to get my shit together or the universe needs to get it shit together (FAST)  and send him my way (FOR THE LOVE OF MY LOINS< SEND HIM MY WAY, SWEDEN) so I can please him and his body with my luster.


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