Papa Stellan AKA The source that’s Alexander Skarsgård

OMG this pic, I love Stellan I enjoy watching his movies. But everytime I see or hear him I have to laugh he has a very dry I don’t get it sense of humor that makes me laugh. I am sure there is plenty awkward moment when he is around because there’s nothing funnier then when there is awkward moments you can’t get out of. Plus his pose are classic entertainment I love it! Bless his swedish heart.

LMFAO his face, like he is processing so much unnecessary thoughts in his head. Stellan: Are we done yet? Did she get enough? Can I move? I don’t get the need. I so don’t care. then there’s the I am so much hotter than Alex glare he is owning. I love it. LOL!!

Yeah next to Alex. Stellan’s got I am a sexy bitch pose down pat. While Alex like meh, I’m  just here. Lady OMG Skarswich. Sweet!!

Hey boo boo looking sweaty. I love it!! Just hot for no reason.

So Papa is in Town, nice!! That means cutie pie Ossain is too, Wow I Can’t deal if he start walking around with his little bro. I would die.


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