If I were to believe anything that’s out there about Alexander that is viral. That would be Jelly beans interaction to/with Alexander

Yeah, there are still rumors about him and who he really is. Like really bitches!!  We’re  still going there cause we know him oh so well and you can def tell who he REALLY!! is from a few pics and pap vid okay then, hold tightly to the hatin. Gelatins!! I have my assumption on the desired one (nothing bad) it still needs confirming but Jelly beans confirms something that I already know he is good guy. Who’s  just like the rest of us is trying to make it and his way through life, love and career. So fuck y’all Gelatins with the hatin and while you do, just watch him rocket pass you, he’s a star end of story, so deal with it.

 cause you know, kids you can’t force or  fool them to be your friend. The closest thing to real truth IMO.

Look at them, I fucking love watching them melt my heart into jello. My emotions!! Can’t deal with the tender sweetest that’s them.

I hope Alex spend sometime with her after filming or whenever he is in NYC cause Jelly beans is pretty much surgical  attach to him and I totally get it. Totally! I still say I don’t know if I could quit his ass when we do it. I know I’ll be hooked like a crackhead to him.  I swear I see it happening.

So in short, Really good guy sitting there on the ground. Working through the shit that is his life while going through the fame of it all. He is not doing a bad job of it as far as I am concern keep owning your own Boo boo. You’re doing a great job. But that’s not going to stop y’all for hatin now will it?! And that wouldn’t stop his star from shining now will it?! So we’re  just back to square one Haters gonna hate, stars are gonna shine.


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