Do reporter fact check anymore or just wind the shit out of it. Massive embarrassment Epic Face palm to the extreme AKA Poor Alex’s live interviews

So yeterday was so fucking embrassing it beyond ridculous WTF is wrong with these people. Please show us again why y’all dumbass and why the fuck does someone pay you again. Really I can’t even start touch on the stupoo right now.

Dumbasses for the love of god. Spongebob!! Fact check man it’s not HBO it’s an interview. My niece would have done a better job of tis.

There was so much face palm in this clip it was beyond ridiculous!! Beyond!! Ridiculous is asking thess bitches. What you want my job? Then there was one where a chick (her)>>>>>> was asking about working out shirtless in the gym. Whaa?! Saywhat now!!!.

Like look if there was pic of him working out shirtless. Tumbler would blow up. I NOT kidding that shit would be no more.

Poor Alex he’s a fucking good actor, I’d be like y’all just fucking stupid, stupoo. UgH!! My fan gurl life.

But that Bitch Beiber comment made my life tho. OMG I LOVE THIS HOT BITCH. OMG WE SHOULD GET MARRIED. On that note I hope the Ferrari is alright. I guess it had it enough of being the owner of Punk Biebs. That’s car suicide in the making folks, that’s what happens when motor vehicles have enough.

 That smirk at the end just made my life GOLD I tell ya GOLD!! this chick just have no idea. NONE!! Somebody mail her a blue’s clue.

Okay they weren’t  all bad tho.


I really liked this one… But he looked really tired in all of them or maybe he was just tired of the stupoo. Yikes!! These people are getting paid. OH lawd I can’t even



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