A pic a couple of reactions and a couple of tracks and waiting…

Okay, so it’s not a bad week but weirdly I am waiting don’t know for what but I am waiting I leaning towards good news, I got good news, great news vibrations. Already got a good one on Tuesday. but that’s not it, cause I am still waiting. I am guessing bigger good news bear. I would love some great news. Today tho is my I don’t curr mood. But I look at this pic (I Love this pic, been staring at it for a long while now) and Alexander …

 Then I realized he’s not coming over and I am not HITTING it like a tennis player and  I give my best

then get it together, and play it off like…  then I am like lawd WTF is this mess I am in? then someone ask what are you doing on your computer so long.
I look over and
but I don’t cur enough to hear what they have to say, my reaction..

 then I focus on their frustrated face and the hand gestures, of WTF are you listening to me?! Then I laugh out loud…cause it’s funny has hell. Then they calm down and leave the room finally, I be like…

now back to work and being constructive while listen to some tunes… These pretty much fall in my lust category with Alexander sexy time.

Feeling kind of loco
Wanna dance all night
And maybe maybe
I’ll get you baby
I’ve seen like you before
You’re just my type
I think I’ll get lucky
Oh baby baby


Come on
Call me bonita
Don’t be shy
I promise to please you
Te quiro te quiro
I’m gonna show you
Come on
Call me bonita
Don’t be shy
It’s getting hotter
And I’m about to be
Your midnight sun


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