One banana on constant rape play.

So here is shame fuck aka Lil Wayne, Yeah he is my shame fuck (if I am single and he is around & the opportunity presents itself) I would hit it but I would deny the shit out of it tho. I can’t get into the reasons.. I just have issues with Weezy since High school. I would hit like a miss him once tho. Not twice dude has too many baby mamas drama. I don’t need baby mama dramas. Anyroo, I like Weezy on people’s mixes he makes them interesting and fun. But by himself I rarely have him on rape mode. But for like a week now I’ve been one banana, one banana this is in constant background repeat but rap is contraction, (if you read the lyrics you can see for yourself) most rapper are confused and it’s rarely deep but some of these lines are kinda profound. Weezy done gone deep shaolin monks on me.

I could scrap this songs apart  (but why, not necessary ) but I will just take out the points that makes a hit with me. Some of the lines are pretty hard and deep 2… go figure groove and learn…

so misunderstood, but what’s a World without enigma?
life is the bitch, and death is her sister

sleep is the cousin, what a f-ckin’ family picture
you know father time, we all know mother nature
it’s all in the family, but I am of no relation
no matter who’s buying, I’m a celebration
black and white diamonds, FUCK SEGREGATION 

okay, I lost my mind, it’s somewhere out there stranded
I think you stand under me if you don’t understand me

the fruits of my labor, I enjoy ’em while they still ripe

I speak the truth, but I guess that’s a foreign language to y’all
and I call it like I see it, and my glasses on
but most of y’all don’t get the picture ‘less the flash is on
satisfied with nothing, you don’t know the half of it

woman of my dreams, I don’t sleep so I can’t find her
you are gelatin, peanuts to an elephant

jumped in a wishing well, now wish me well
tell ’em kiss my ass, call it kiss and tell

One banana… One Banana


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