I didn’t even want kids right now but that pretty much what my womb is dwelling on because of him, it’s just humming Alexander babies, Alexander babies AKA Alexander & Onata on set. GAWD!!!

Jelly beans and Boo boo kitty aren’t they just so fucking cute you could just die? If I didn’t have shit to live for I would just die. for the love of Gawd Jelly beans is holding on to his finger. Little pretty girl, you’re killing me here. Stop!! No Really. Quit. I am going to lose my shit again.  This is not good for my reproduction system. Lawd, Universe IN.TER.VENT. Let the sex happen. LET IT HAPPEN. I think I might be having a mild lust attack.

And oh tis…small thing

Sup?! Jelly beans, how is it back packing?! Jelly beans:  It’s all good just chilling, ain’t no thing, this is how we roll in pre school. Just be backing.

Conversation between Sex God and child

I love how he holds the hot coffee cup away from her. He is in the know the bitch is trained and ready to be daddy. WTF!! my life.  Ovaries death.  Pretty much..This bitch I need to be procreating with him…


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