Don’t mind me I am just working on my Swede er swedish

Yeah! just working on my swedish, yeah that, no biggy. It’s ain’t a thing. I am just going with my emotions and my emotions is in love with him. Jag beklagar ingenting. I regret nothing. Since it seem that I might be going to Sweden at the end of sept for a few days.( I really wanted to go to the ice hotel tis winter, but) Yeah! I need to know how to say that. I know I know wrong part of the continent. But this is where the universe is sending me (for biz). I might just go to the Bajen Aid thingy since last year I didn’t get to make it and imagine that he is there. Le sigh.

WTF is wrong with me?! No really what? I should be stalking his fine ass in NYC and humping his leg while he tries to walk away. haha! that’s funny image in my head I am humping away like a castrated poodle, but it’s so true.

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