TB Ep 10 is a whole lot of “wha-tevah”. Can we get writers with some serious hard on for Supernaturals. AKA Otherwise True death for them.

There is a lot shit I will let slide in life but certain things not so much or ever. I need some serious hard on from the writers of TB  for Sups, yeah cause tis shit is beyond ridcilous now. CH has more of an hard on for her Sups and run with it better  than the TB writers are doing now and what she like a 1000 year old southern book writer woman. I mean C’mon the fuckalon. How old are these writers? (this has nothing to do with ageism but more of Supism) Have they never read seen, grow up with Sups on TV, books, bla bla… I mean C’mon this second hand run me down shit, they ‘ve been playing for 4 seasons now is getting on my nerves. It’s BS.  IT FUCKING BS. They need to some fresh blood/ complete jizzing for some comic con dude/ chick that totally obsessed with Supernaturals of all kinds and take it from  amazing, to epic amazeballs, because these snoozer Sups Ugh.  If otherwise it gonna be 

I really only have been watching TB last 2 season because of Eric Northman and Alex okay 99.9% Alex

This was epic… Eric is a great character they could do so much with him he’s a 1000 freking years old for fuck sake. Do you know how much awesome medieval history could be happening on my tv screen for 12 weeks!  Fucktards. Get some freshmen that have collection of creatures from all mystical realms in their moms room to Sups this shit up, because it’s embrassing, the witch story line meh. It’s a PMing chick that’s the best they could do with the story line? Vampires, 4 of them going all Underworld on Witches (correction A Witch is beyond ridiculous, don’t they have powers and shit?!  AB makes Vampire fairy gay. Yawn.  They need to come up with better. Really. Jesus, don’t get me start on Senor Jesus Overreact, True death for him too. I have no affection for him and his storyline exhausts me, he tries too hard, both his character and the actor.

Sam, as a shifters pisses me off (my cult side kicking in here) I know everyone has their own spin on shit some good some not. AB version is totally lame he makes his Supernaturals a total bore. (thank god they are having sex in bon temps, but sex don’t hold people attention anymore tho) Tommy death and his whole story line is WTFS. Alcide as a wolf double yawn. All of them (except Eric of course, please only reason why there is still interest in TB ) Anna, Sookie please don’t get me started. Again!! I want to slap her more than applaud anything that she does eveah all in all can AB hire someone with a serious “hard on” for Supernatrals. The show would be much more awesome because of it and they would have better cult following.

Now back to the EP 10 Eric is back, happy/sad I liked AE but hey, Sookie Stackhouse I can’t even get into her WTFS right now. But I just want to address the I love you both BS that she is running with. Really! (I know tis is fiction, bla, bla, BS) But this is NOT possible you can’t be in love with 2 people anyone that tells you that is lying out of their ass crack. They just want to have their cake and eat it. Then  put it in the refrigerator and take it back out to snack on. Loving one person is crazy enough 2 we all would be permeant resident at a NUT house. So I call BS and I hold on to that tightly. I would say sit down Sookee, but she was already but I would just say “wha-tevah” to her too. so all this is still happening, I mean already, what about a plot to making Sookee look stupid oh wait they never had one she always looks stupid. Not with eric I could tolerate her with Eric not with duck face. I can’t even get into the Stupoo that was Sookee was talking out of her ass cause he mouth got nothing better to say. “wha-tevah”

This is AB making me look stupoo face from Anna P. Cause serious there was no reason for last snake poo of days of Snookie drama. (see what I did there no, your AB twin).
  Yes Sookee I am …
 awww, vampire Eric boo,  bunny love.Unnecessary tv drama that makes no god damn sense makes me all little girl Vam KD …. I say the true death for Sookee Dumbhouse. Oh looky  here more unnecessary tv drama, you got to love editors tho, they make shit so much more interesting. I bet I’ll be diappointed.
It’s on the tip of my lips to say, True death for  True Blood because well they are getting on my nerves with their Schizo story plots with makes no god damn sense some times. This is why people don’t know what to do with TB in awards. It’s like a confused mixed kid that tells you I am 1/4 this, 1 ounce of that, 3.4 tis from my mama side 1/12 from my papa side. Fool your passport says… That’s all that matter. TB need to find out what they are shipping and put that out to sea. If it otherwise it will sink soon. They need to give their leads better plots too, if AB is going to ship Beel and Sookee set Eric the fuck go and let Alexander Skarsgard go so he can conquer the Big screen which he will. (Alexander Skarsgard will be huge star, mark my words, mark it HUGE)

Speaking of Boo, boo kitty Alexander honey, you’re meant to be an action star, you should be kicking/owning people ass on screen on a monthly screening, Hello look..

 I love you as a sweet guy but you’re  meant to rule, conquer it  on screen it’s all over your aura. You’re a nice guy but your spirit’s a Dragon. Point and case last ten second of TB. the only thing wrong was the the Queen and this is why I can’t take Beel seriously his Stephen/Beel duck face. Everyone got their I gonna fuck shit up face and Beel  with his duck face. It’s like watching zoolander in TB. I wonder who was really drinking orange mocha frappuccino Alex or Stephen?


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