So here is Alexander Skarsgård, walking around representing the love of his life on him. (Not me, not yet but it could happen. Stop judging me. Fuck you again)

So here is boo boo kitty Aka Alexander Skarsgård, Aka, Hammarby mistress bla, bla. It;s good to see that he is alive, well and Irene didn’t drag his fine ass to sea with her. God damn he is still sexy. My loins. I LOVE him.  I’s do.

But the desired one is looking kinda sorta sad. Which makes me kinda sorta sad. I hate to see Boo boo kitty sad. Makes my heart ache. I haven’t run into him in while, that makes me sad too. Been kinda busy tho with the moving and living in between two houses to get one sorted while moving out of the other. I am not done yet. Fine touches and all that, but people are still asking me when can they come over. I am like not yet. I will let you know. (house warming/cocktail party is on the way. I really need it too) It’s been a very, very busy August, it’s been kinda weird too, last week alone was the strange weird week. I’ve had in while a lot of WTFS moment. But it did ended up into a very sweet reward. Life is weird, it really is, But I do sense some good news this week. I wonder what it will be..

Anyroo, so here is my heart’s desire strutting down the street, looking like he misses me. I miss you too boo.

Deep in thought there desired one, 


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