You would think that I was in his trailer assaulting him, AKA Alexander on the set.

This Hot ass bitch with the Hawtness, no wonder there is a Chickricane coming to NYC it’s this hot bitch NYC needs to cool down. I know I need to be refrigerated.

Side ish ass, I love it,  always and forever makes me want to …

Yeah! These pics are Yum, he looks a real mess and his hair is doing it’s own going with the wind and I love the messiness of it as always. But makes me wonder is this bitch having sex in his trailer/hotel without me?! Well then if that’s the case. Fuck you man!  I am not wealous, fair game and all that. I am just sad that I am not in  the sexy time mixer that’s the trailer walk of hell yeah it happened out of his room. Or  is this his hurricane Irene look, if that’s the case I ain’t mad at you. He can come hide under my table for shelter until and after Irene pass over Anytime!

It wouldn’t be any less catastrophic mind you Alexander, I have been told I can be a stage 5 hurricane. Anyroo, here is handsome, strutting his stuff in broad daylight and spreading the lust like  fairy dust.

Stop looking at me like that, yes I am still staring at you and your package. This will always be happening. I am kinda of a perv so just living up to the legend. Oh yeah tis right now would be great, no super, no surreal, wait should be fucking happening..

his hair here is asking for a agent, his body  for the love of,  his chest here looks magnificent Jesus Lawd. Like buying tomato in the market I just want to feel it to see if it’s ripe and ready and fuck yeah, it looks like it is ready. My loins.

You would think that the cute chick on the right with the face would distract me, hell naw. I blocked her out. Take it Britany show Alex what I want to do.

PS. Fuck real life right now, no really just fuck u right now.


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