C’mon dude really again?! And don’t tell me it for the movie, you are doing it on purpose. AKA Alexander on What Maise Knew. Aka Females urges to procreate on a increased high.

I need to find out this little girls name, ( I am on it, there will be, you so cute post coming) she is cute as hell and adorable, she reminds me of someone that’s really special to me. She is also hanging around someone special to me. Aww, shut up, I am female, man and child that shit is programmed in my DNA/ womb. Like: God damn those hot shoes and I am almost ready just chill 3hours laters stepping out. Okay I am not that bad, okay sometimes, what? Okay I am better at it now, wait it depends if I am into going or not. If I don’t care I wouldn’t change 10 pairs of clothes, shoes and bags. (sometimes I know what I am putting on,  sometimes not) Okay this is turning in to project bitch make up your mind already.

Any ways here is you need to procreate soon Alexander (with me) cause it’s a waste you don’t have tiny ones in your life to do this awesomeness daily.

what’s happening here, jelly beans looks concern and the desired one looks sad.


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