How in the name of hot sex is this walking around without me dragging my body on his legs, pleading marriage, kids, food & hot sex. AKA this MFER coming from the gym.

Look at this hot bitch with the tight shirt, the bulge from the nether regions and hips a popping and the lips awaiting & my  vaga sending out morse code to his GP trying to send out a telepathic connect to get it in me. YES!! Look at tis MFER. He is ruining me.( self control gone in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) I am hot chick, I can get it sorted out (but I don’t want tooooooooooo, Weeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzusssssssssssssss!!) I need to find a cuddle toy and some Jerry Garcia ice cream and cry that I am NOT hitting this right now, tomorrow in the weekend till xmas and a Happy sparkling jizzing NEW YEAR!!

I addicted to this bitch like a crackhead to white power, I would sniff him,  lick him and let him inject me with his needle. I just sayin’ look at him.

Oh and today’s his Birthday and it’s like he gets hotter and hotter everyday. Weezus!! LAWdddddd!! Give me strength or take away my sight. I CAN’T FUCKING DEAL!!

 Seriously dude, your GP is poking me in my eye through the screen (kinky thoughts,  weezus, kinky thought) basically calling me out to pull down your pants and …

 You put it in my view boo boo,  this is what will happen. I would never use plate at home I would eat off of your body and then lick you clean after and during. OMG the pleasure, the sweet sexy hot pleasure.

Yeah tis is pretty much me on the GP of Alexander Skarsgard. This hot bitch I LOVE HIM.


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