Sookie you can’t make good Lemonade with the Queen involved.

His Ass is divine, look at it.! LOOK!  Isn’t he just so fucking hot your loins just combust in to jizzing by just the mere sighting  of EN.  I had a very shitty sunday, some really bad news, but last night episode made it better (okay Eric made it better) Then Sookie done go spoil it with the Queen. I mean a sex dream with Eric Northman and the Queen! That was madness, maybe she resides in Sparta! Blasphemy I tell you. I mean C’mon Sook, Bon temps have some hot dudes up in there. But I got to tell you if I was going to make the  Lemonade being ingredients Water (the Queen or someone way better) Lemon (Sookie cause hello her threesome dream kinda sour no?!) Then of course what’s good Lemonade without  fine grain sugar which would be (Eric er Alex er I don’t care I will do them both)

Anyroo so if I was going to make the Lemonade with someone esle other than Eric Northman I mean really Sookie trying to say he ain’t enough for you? Uh?! I could go a 1000 years on his sausage production alone but okay. (maybe it’s me, I only want his wiener schnitzel.) I would go with Sam, why?! He is a shifter, hello!!  Guess what shifters can do?! Turn into human / vamps and guess which human/vamps  I would want. Another: Eric! bingo bitches. (you receive no prize read along) 2 for the price of one you can’t beat that payless sale. 2 Eric Northman I mean c’mon is that winning or is that winning?! It’s WIn =  that’s dynomite. That shit would be gold of course I would ask Sam not to speak but you get the idea. That would be a mighty fine lemonade drinking going. Look down below, I mean hello two times of all of that. I would die I tell you and be reborn again as a horny adult. (oh , I am already an horny adult okay then, note to self what should I come back as)

Started off hot right?!  But then…the Queen,  he er she is such a valley girl. He has to declare his statue (I am the King, I don’t share, Really Queen we did that?! that happen?! Next thing you’re going to say I want my abbel juice from the blonde one) while Eric just sits there being awesome. (When you are awesome, people know it, no need to lame horn your shit) He knows who he is. Someone get the queen a name tag and a nanny  stat and some abbel juice.

All in all I enjoy Alex’s scenes they were good he so fucking effortless and effective in his emotions, it’s brilliant to watch. I wonder does he kisses so hungrily in real life.  It’s very appealing and I want to make out with him just to find out. I just want to make out with him anyways.

I got to say it’s a odd this even Anna looks at the end like this is kinda weird. (meaning they are not doing the 3some in real life) I mean it’s like telling your husband. I’m going to cheat on you and here is the link to live feed. But in their case it more like Good bye honey I going make out with Alex face and pretend fuck him (pretend being the word of play here)  I know it’s acting but it’s still odd for all three involved especially this scene. And they basically made out with each other, I hope Eric taste good, the Queen can email me later with the juicy details and tell what flavor he is taste like. I always though starwberry. But since you kiss him let me know.


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