Eric Northman is the shit! ( His smooth Swagger)

If you don’t know, I love alot of things about Alexander Skarsgard, I especially love his swagger and last night I got the best swag a swaggernator such as Northman could give why cause it was so fucking sweet and I died. I raped my rewind button ( I may need a new remote)  cause  you can’t see which one is the rewind among other things. It’s literally finger prints and maybe a little blood. Oh my sweet jesus, I am so down with this cheesy rom con shit. I eat it up, I rewatch  Pride and Predjuice way too much for a human being, True Romance  Ever After and Sunrise, that some old school rom con shit and it a really good movie too.

Now back to the Northman. Oh lawd so he was back and in Sookie’s dream I’ll get to that in a mo, but did you see his eyes, bewitching, his lips he should do/perform CPR as a profession (only on me of course)


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