Lawd have mercy on my loins aka Black book Photoshoot

Sweet weezus if my loins could speak they would scream stop you’re killing me. Oh lawd look at this hot creeper with the serial killer eyes and you know deep down, you would let him kidnapped you and ravish your body in his basement while he stroke your hair homicidally. No! I fucking would and I don’t like to be anyones captive.

But his lips are so hot on these, I need to apply lip gloss from my lips onto his  and then suck on them like they were exotic fruit which they totally  are totally!

So Alexander is all over the press and in a good way I fucking love it. You go baby rule that press. This alone deserves a moon walk.

and just because he is so fucking hot on all of them this is what I am sending out into the universe.

 Yeah let’s do this baby, over and over and fucking over again.


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