Just sayin’ this could so happen. Pretty handsome

Isn’t he just so pretty  handsome, it’s almost surreal. Beautiful bitch.

so pretty handsome

So I feel very in much  Luster here, hot pics can do that to ones sanity so this is what going to go down soon. So when I see him again I would get so excited that I would not walk but run over to him like a cheesy remake of some idiot rom con in slow mo He be like Alex: Lawd!

But I be like   Boo boo I am coming (pun intended)

Alex: Lawd! (wtf face) she is going for the GP, Security, Security! Where the fuck is security?

I be like boo boo don’t look away. Alexander, Askar! Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgård

Alex: Fuck this crazy bitch.   this is pretty much how I see it, yeah pretty much.


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