Oh Weezus take the wheel & start driving aka Alexander Skarsgård Instyle

Everytime I come back there is something new and I can’t keep up feeling of the moment. 

For the love of GAWD!!! This is getting insane, or my nerves is weaker than The situation pick up lines. But there is another one and he is looking so fucking good my loins are on fire. Someone Quick Get the Fire Extinguisher cause he’s making me burn. Look at this Motherfucker all fine and shit and posing and I am in tears. Because the only thing that keeps coming out of my mouth is What in the name of hot sex am I not having the hot sex with him (willing or unwilling at this point I don’t curr. I would prefer willing but my will power is fading faster every god damn day) Oh when I first saw these I couldn’t breathe. Like for two seconds I forgot air was necessary. This Hot bitch lawd, he is something supernatural.

This should be your everyday look boo boo it fits you so well, I want to be on you and wrapped into your cardi with you still wearing it. So seeing these I feel like…

 then afterwards Alexander photo shoots

 OMG he is so pretty handsome my eyes hurt from staring. I am  just going to pass out now.

Oh weezus save me or give the strength  or just send him my way

Yes look at me like that, ask for it, I be getting you screaming my name out loud, cause I come (pun intended) to deliver the moans, Oh lawd just be on it for DAYS!!!!

I be sad too boo seeing that I am not there helping you take off your shirt. The things I would do to you on that wall. You have heard of the wailing wall well then, I be wailing away.

OMG I would assault you and your fine ass on that wall boy just to be on on top of you. Weezus take the wheel and drive lawd. This hot bitch.


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