(for the love of Vagina) TB ep 8 It was chessy but it was beautiful.

So I am here, never late but always on time. I am reading that some were NOT to pleased with ep 8 ( I mean the shower scene) WTF really?! (Okay, I will get to it in a sec)  All I can say is was I the only one looking/drooling over Askar fine ass (literally Look at it. I am but now you look at it)  and thanks Sokeee that’s def How I will caress it at first. OMG I am kinda obsessed with his ass, I just want to tease slap it and kiss it and etc etc etc.. if you want to know the things I will do to it call me Alex. Better yet invite me over.

People need to undeerstand that it’s AE and he Luvs his Sookee, he forgets who he is but he knows he Luvvvvvsss her, I mean come on you never seen or been in luvs where chessy ass shit is all that you seem to come up with. Like jesus if you go to the toilet too long I might die cause I will miss you so much. Please when you are in Luve there’s so much cheese involved mac and cheese could go out of business but it makes it so Gay (happy) I luv it. I’m hearing people say Narnia theme er no, I saw Ice hotel Sweden theme. Yeah I am totally down with doing it there (with Alexander of course) But that’s the vibe I got. I desire tis man as his Character and as himself. The Luster it just would let me goooooooooooo.


^^^so this happen on my tv. For the love of vagina.

making out is always good and I especially like to watch him make ouuuuuuuuuuutttttttt.

For the love of vagina look at his body. Look how he owns the bed. I want to be (on top of him) That bed and  the things I would do on around, beside on top of it. *faints*

He is so fucking pretty. It insanity.


That all is possible line. Dead. I eat all this cheesy rom con shit up. Hello plz  if he say that to be. he own me. Full stop. Everything in this frame is desire.

For the love of vagina. This scene is so hot. I WANT. I WANT IT REENACTED like here Ice hotel Sweden let’s make it real Alex! The bed is empty let’s go melt that sucker.

The way he is around her neck and he smells her. OMG dying. I don’t curr what anyone says these are now my favorite scene. 1. The chessy ass lines that I am eating up. 2. We are one shit. Hello! I am all for being a team. (I don’t drink blood tho, eww, no)  The way he loves her. *tears* the lines about bed and having sex on it. (Oh Alex, I really don’t need a bed, I will have sex with you anywhere and on anything, trust in that fact) It was Gold! The snow sex scene (hello I said Ice hotel, I want to have sex there, with Alex. That hotel will melt from all the Luster/heat be going on) And last but def not least. I want to be with you for ever and only you. OH MY GOD, my heart bleeds….



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