Alan Ball needs to hire my ass. ( No really)

Okay so the shower scene, while I love the shit out of the Ice meets Narnia meets Askars laying his meatballs out on fur scene. I wanted the book shower scene too. It’s the holy grail of the Books. I mean C’mon. I read only 2 of the books. Meh I couldn’t get to the others. The reason could be I was like stuck on that shower scene for like months it seems. But no honestly my imagination and fascination started there.

So Alan Ball dude what the fuck?!  I am sure alot of people were thinking tis with Mother fucker attach

AB you  should have, could have done it done the book scene dude. ( wanted to see it come true too) While I doubt people really hated the scene like gello Alex’s arse on your screen, calm your tits ladies and gents and apparently tea cup humans and old people. But when this shit happen.

WTF came quickly behind and killed what would have been a beautiful scene on it’s own here. Points were stated above.

if you were lost for ideas call me up I would have mad shower scene go down in history has the hotness thing evera, people TV would exploded, people’s heads would have exploded I wouldn’t have survived writing it.

Like an artist tho, I would have needed Alex to sit in my living room nekkid so I could write and watch him. What! Never heard of that method of writing. It’s called pervert writing. Tis would have taken place too, oh, oh so many times.

Yeah! Perv that’s me. K thanks.

So Alan Ball you need to hire my ass, No really get on that. Emails make it possible.


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