My Ovaries to Askar correction My entire fucking being to Askars. ( you can’t be doing tis shit in reality)

Dear Askar,

Fuck you MFER with awesomeness with child and the cuteness,  I am Single and I want kids and you are sexy as a MFER . You with the lips, the eyes and the bod and I want you so.

But wait I am not done yet.

Dear Eyes,

Fuck you for seeing this awesome shit and sending messages to my organs to mass produce like rabbits (with Alexander) and repopulate a nation, a village a block, a room I don’t Curr.

Dear body,

Fuck you for being so ready and waiting for this dude to do his deed on you and driving my sanity into insanity and activating the creep/creeper in me.

Dear Mother Nature,

Fuck you too (doesn’t matter  inwhat order) with having ovaries and a reproduction systems that chimes when I see cute, hot men (Alexander) with tea cup humans (or dwarfs) or anything cute and cuddly. I say Fuck you all, fuck you, fuck you,  fuck you, (I really want to with Alexander)  fuck you ( I hate this so much) In saying that. I lust him and I very much would like to spend long nights procreating with him until my ovaries choose a seed.

But look at this. THIS . When I look at these this is what  happens when I see this AWESOMENESS that is the CUTENESS that just destroy my heart  (you just crushed it (my heart) bitch, (okay it’s melted) it now jello, look at me I die, I am fucking mess from this set of pics)  EVERY FUCKING TIME.  WHY JESUS?! FOR the love of your son on the cross WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY ( am I Not having the sexy time with him)

Everytime I see him with a child it’s like he is literally holding on to my ovaries and smashing them into the  floor, point and case gif below.

Then the sadness of my situation.  He is my…..


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