Do the Creep on Alexander Skarsgård

God this bitch is trying on my sanity and self control. (which is almost non existent) I’m trying my darns not to be a stalker and turn up on this bitch bed with flowers and I love you cards and tranquilizer darts (for when he gets scared by my over zealousness)  or  I am in his shower waiting with a sponge in my hands to help him wash his back.(yeah that) Yes  Alexander Skarsgård is turning me into a creeper. which I don’t want to be but when I see photos like these I can’t help it. LOOK AT HIM AND HOW STUPID FINE HE IS. STUPID FINE  (his body needs my body)Like how in the name of procreation can someone be this fine looking while walking and waiting for the lights to change. He is a supernatural looking MFer that what it is and I WANT HIM and his lips on me for days.

All these pics, I really want to reproduce/procreate with this MFEr. I mean look at him, nature demands it and my body demands/want it.


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