So Alexander Skarsgård is in New York. Alone and Single *_*

So here are some pics of Alexander in NY without me. For the love of god why?! I’ve been trying to quit this bitch for what it seems like forevera (actually 2010) But then I see yummy, caveman delicious pics like these and he just keeping pulling me back in (he is supernatural) with his hot ass body and melt me to mush smile and kissable lips. (lost cause here move along while I sit in my corner consume with Lusterrrrrrrrrrrr).

 I want you just FYI

Hawt ass MFER with yo fine self walking around NY without me, (tears) so this is pretty much how I feel about Alexander in NY and oh my dear Alexander.

Dear Alexander,

then let’s just do it like they do on The Discovery Channel. ( get horny now)


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