Hey Dr. Alexander Skarsgård Can I have yo numba?!?! Can I ?! Better yet I will give you mine.

So when I saw these I got all excited and I was like yayy he’s going to call me or he did then I check my phone and sadness I had no miss calls from him and I went straight into why Alexander?! Why?! Wouldn’t you call me and give me your room numba. I can assure you, that you bwouldn’t be unhappy about that decision or my service. But hey what you gonna do, go into a corner and let the Lust consume you . I just want to make out with his face in water, for a while. Even tho he is looking like a cave man that needs to be remind of how mammals do it in the urban jungle and he looks like  he’s suppose to be on a Discovery Channel. How to survive in his wild series. I still def would all the time,  every time without fail  hit it and not quit it.

Oh you look Sad and disappointed. So you think that you are sad and disappointed looking down at your  phone and realizing that it’s not me calling you I am in shatters that I am not the one whispering nasty stuff through your phone. let’s spoon Alex, let’s spoon Call me boo boo. CALL ME! and tell me what you like.


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