Eric Northman gets my rug all wet (Sexing and Sensitivity) TB ep 7 Passionate Primal Sexing.

So did you see it? Were you over come (pun intended) with Luster? Did you have an eternal Lust to find Alexander Skarsgård and tell him do it to me over and over and over again until I meet the true death on top of you. Never in my life have I ever wanted to do another human being like I want to do this bitch. (hello please) call me a hookah but I want to be his private dancer. Do what you want me to do.

Those scene are going on my ipod, computer and I shall play them in the car,(someone may die cause I wouldn’t be paying attention) on a flight,(someone will get uncomfortable by my oh n ahhhs)  in a taxi on a train. I don CURR. I will never get bored of these. This just made my life. My loins have not yet recover from the sensual hot shit that was Eric and Sookie playing out my fantasy on TV.

 this scene, Oh Lawd tis scene. Him handle his biz from behind. MY loins.

 Oh lawd, cue pointer sisters. I got excited and my loins can’t hide. I am about to find a dude and…

Oh  all of this his bod, his hand, his groans. Oh sweet lawd, be cool, keep it together.

 Oh this I would be on it like it was a cure for cancer.

Alexander  Skarsgård



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