Alexander Skarsgård Sunkiss and Lick-fuckable in NYC (like that’s not what you are thinking too)

So here is hawt bitch in NYC coming from the gym looking all  Wet (his hair, Gawd)HAWT as hell,  lickable and in such good shape. Making me motivated to go and climb on his Gym equipment and sexcerise (what, keeping in shape is sooooooo good for the body and his body needs my body like hello please!, if you didn’t know you have been informed)

 So yeah, these pics def makes me want to book a flight and end up in oh  let’s say NYC in my short shorts and heels whipping my hair in a seductive manner. (yeah like that. What, I got skill moves) and be like

 yeah these makes me want to go find his hotel or where he is…. and creep

 yeah creep, creep, creeper makes a sane person want to creep in the middle of the night and get her some. (my defense he is Single and hot and I just have to get it on with him while Mavin Gaye in the back playing)

Sup Boo?!  Why so handsome and strutting your swagger on my screen with dem  kissable lips  For the love of god…

Are we not naked and totally doing for a very long, slow time right now?  No answer can suffice for this not being my reality. I just want to be all over him like white on rice mac and easy. Oh the lawd  he is so testing my sanity with this hawt motherfucker being single and desirable and something I need to be doing right now and for a long while.

Looking at him Just  makes me never want to see daylight or wear clothes  again or be able to walk for a while. Unholy nights lawd, unholy sensual nights. I lust you and


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